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Improving instrument selection: Lessons for OMERACT from imaging
Improving instrument selection: Lessons for OMERACT from imaging
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Lessons for OMERACT from Imaging

Learning Objectives:

•To reinforce the importance of domain definitions 
as a foundation for instrument selection:

domain match

•To understand the importance of specifying 
the sources of variability 
influencing our outcome measurement instrument

validity and reliability of the instrument

•To increase your understanding of 
how OFISA should be applied to imaging outcomes

instrument performance in trials and observational studies

Deb liked 4 months ago
For the past 2 years MADA, Dorcas Beaton, Lara Maxwell, Maarten Boers & Phil Conaghan have been working to put together the methodology & materials for tomorrow's workshop & we are looking forward to their presentation to the OMERACT community.... (More)
Suleyavuz replied 3 months ago
shawna updated 4 months ago
The whiteboards developed by our PRP Imaging KT Taskforce are a great way to get ready for tomorrow's session! Watch them here
Thasia liked 4 months ago
Lesson 3: The OMERACT Instrument Selection Algorithm (OFISA) works!